“The technologies which have had the most profound effects on human life are usually simple.”
–Freeman Dyson

At ITCoffee we understand that technology needs can be complicated and it can take time to discern what you or your business needs; or what is available. We also recognize that technology offerings are not always clear and sometimes…

  • you need someone to talk to
  • who has previous experience
  • that can provide some direction
  • and has no objections to providing consulting expertise over a cup of coffee

Based on this understanding ITCoffee was established to provide a select menu of offerings, to individuals and businesses pursuing IT solutions to their problems or ambitions.

ITCoffee mainly provides advisory services via a core team of professional freelancers, however due to increasing customer requests the portfolio of services has extended to outsourcing and website development.

Why the name? Our team enjoys doing business over coffee, as it often takes place after hours or over weekends. Plus, the entire team believes that catering for your IT needs should be as easy as ordering a cup.