Excel Automation Sandwiches

Our core team is capable of providing excel automation services for your worksheet and workbook requirements. Should you be interested in utilising these services, please send us a brief of what problem you would like to address.

Our consultants will then contact you to advise if we can assist and at what cost. Should our consultants require more information, they will contact you and may setup time to discuss.

You may send your briefs to queries@itcoffee.co.za or alternatively you may use the contact form here.

Some examples of work that we have completed for clients include:

An automated questionnaire for a learning institution:


The institution required a test generation tool, which could generate tests from a list of user input questions. These tests where then required to be administered to a student, score them and print the students results on completion.


IT Coffee facilitated the developed of an Excel based solution which met the requirements. Added to the features were invigilator access which allowed invigilators to reset tests and pause tests when necessary.


An access control consolidation mechanism for an office environment:


A corporate office was experiencing difficulty in making sense of the data within its access control software. The software was producing lists of users accessing the offices with in and out times at various spots within the building. The data however was not usable as it was produced as text files with each line representing the movement of an employee. Due to the large number of employees it was increasingly difficult to determine how many hours an employee was onsite.


IT Coffee developed an Excel solution supported by Microsoft Access to consume the text files provided by the access control software and consolidate all employee access control information. The result: individual summaries of employee hours spent on site, regardless of the terminals used to access the building. Added to the features were warning reports which illustrated employees who worked below minimum hours and summary reports illustrating total hours worked by each employee for each month.

A dynamic pricing list for a wholesaler:


A wholesaler was interested in providing dynamic discounts for clients when purchasing their products. The wholesaler had complex incentives for each group of products, example if a customer purchased X number of units with category A, a percentage discount would be applied to that category. These rules were required to be applied in a solution which could be deployed to customers. Who could then select products and be provided a summary of how their purchasing decisions entitled them to a calculated discount.


IT Coffee developed an Excel solution in a format which took into account the Marketing and image requirements of the business. The solution calculated the applicable discount based on the complex set of rules provided by the wholesaler. Added features included a summary page which highlighted how the discount was achieved, based on the items selected within the item pricing sheet and an email mechanism which allowed a customer to easily email back the item pricing sheet once they had completed it.