Outsourced Variety Development

Individuals and Businesses at times require the development of programs, websites or automated-scripts to deliver an idea, increase productivity or enhance a piece of software or process. Often they do not know where to begin or know what is required for them to have some code developed.

At IT Coffee we specialise in advisory services, however on occasion we have been asked to supervise outsourced development projects. Due to the increasing nature of requests for this service. The team has decided to offer a full suite of outsource services from proposal through to implementation. These services may be broken down into the following:

Presentation of requirements:

IT coffee is able to assist with analysis of requirements in documenting the needs of the individual or business to adequately represent needs in the market place.

Recommendation of design:

After requirements are finalised, the team is able to advise what would be the best suited technology to meet the requirements. This recommendation is made based on the clients needs around cost, time, quality, life span and maintenance.

Selection of candidates:

Assist in the selection of candidates, including recommendation of parties that should be engaged based on analysis of proposals.

Management of outsourcing arrangement:

Once a provider is secured, IT Coffee can manage the entire 3rd party engagement, including administering payment and verifying completed work.

Advisory in negotiation of support agreements:

As a value-add the team is able to assist in the negotiation and structure of support agreements; should the engagement be of a significant value to justify such an agreement.