Espresso Website

A structured website for the client who wishes to have a standard business card type, professional presence on the web. Generally 3-5 pages and broken down into the following:

1st page:

  • Home Page with brief business information.

2nd Page:

  • Product or services page outlining what the business/professional offers.

3rd Page:

  • Promotions page, downloads, gallery or specials.

4th Page:

  • About page, illustrating what the company is about, brief history or vision.
  • At times direction to the business are provided on this page

5th Page:

  • Contact Page; with contact details for the business (e.g. telephone number)
  • A contact form which allows people to send you a query directly from your website.

As a plus, like all our other website offerings, a username and password is provided to the client, allowing them to edit the 3-5 pages themselves. This allows them to update content, without requiring engagement from IT Coffee or any other website provider.

This is what an Espresso website may look like here.