Caff’e Latte Website

A dynamic, well-brewed website, with all the foundation of the Espresso website option plus added customisations. This means you get everything the Espresso options allows (which can be found here), plus any other customisations you would like added, that we agree we can deliver on.

These customisations are dependent on Customer requirements in relation IT Coffee skill/capacity and may include:

  • Twitter integration – allow company tweets to be seen live on website
  • Updatable blog – allow articles to be created and displayed on the blog
  • Custom/ Premium Theme – purchase or design a premium look for your website
  • Subscription buttons – allow visitors to subscribe to updates on your website
  • Newsletter tools – allow client to create and distribute newsletter to their users
  • Other agreed customisations.

As a plus, like all our other website offerings, a username and password is provided to the client, allowing them to edit the content themselves. This allows them to update content, without requiring engagement from IT Coffee or any other website provider.

This is what a Caff’e Latte website may look like here.