The core team at ITCoffee are a group of business orientated technology experts, with experience in Banking, Publishing, Telecommunications, Outsourcing, Mobile development, Retailing and Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Our diverse backgrounds academically and professionally provide a plethora of experience in determining what possible mechanisms can be used to deliver a solution.

The core team all have day jobs and consult as part of ITCoffee in support of a passion for technology and its applicability to everyday problems; when their capacity allows. As such we at IT Coffee have very little incentive to take on work we cannot manage or are not equipped to handle.

Our team subscribes to an internal development credo which is “FRAP-C” and AIM to develop and consult on solutions in alignment with this credo.  FRAP-C stands for:

  • F – FAST
    •  A Solution should be deployable within a fairly short amount of time
    • A Solution should be delivered in such a manner as to promote as much reliability as possible.
    • Solutions that are advised or built should be affordable in relation to what the market can provide. If a premium is advised in providing a service this premium must be justfied.
    • We believe we should be professional so you can be professional. We will also advise the use of professional companies when delivering advice.
    • We believe in putting the control in your hands:
      • You should own the relationship with the provider we recommend, unless otherwise agreed.
      • You should legally own any artifacts, unless other legal obligations (such as software ownership) hinders such control.
      • You should be able to control such artifacts in any manner you please, unless such control violates the points above.

The team and the credo have all been built around the idea of making IT as easy as ordering a cup of coffee. Hence the name IT Coffee.

In alignment with our credo , we rarely get involved in a solution (beyond advisory) if it requires specialist skills which we cannot provide directly. As such if we cannot fulfill the requirements in the best manner possible we will often send you to someone that can.