Byte-Sized IT Advice Muffin

IT Coffee provides advisory services over a wide range of disciplines, including but not limited to software, hardware, website development and strategy.

The most frequent requests for advisory services are often from:

  • Businesses that are starting out and need some direction in terms of setting up their website, email and infrastructure.
  • Businesses which are growing and require advisory services to identify paths of investment for growth or technological advancement.
  • Individuals who have ideas, require validation that their idea is sound in theory and options in bringing the idea to fruition.
  • Individuals who are experiencing a particularly unique IT problem and require options.

To request:

To utilise the services offered within our advisory practice, we ask that clients send a paragraph outlining that problem they require assistance with. This is to match the appropriate consultant with the problem; such that the most value can be extracted from the initial meeting.

Depending on the complexity of the problem and level of consultant required; a rate will be applied. At this stage you may choose to accept and secure a position with the identified consultant. Should a position be secured, the service desk will facilitate the time slot between the agreed parties, in person or via telecon.

It does happen that our more senior consultants take on problems that we deem to be low level. Often this is merely because they find that particular problem interesting or passionate about that area or discipline. In these instances the consultant rate will be determined solely on the level of complexity. Thus at times you may find yourself with a senior consultant with a fair amount of experience at a lower rate.

Should you wish to request the services of a particular consultant by name, please include this in your brief.

 You may send your briefs to or alternatively you may use the contact form here.